IL House Votes Down Right to Work

The political theater engineered by Michael Madigan last week continued today with a show vote on right to work. The bill was not proposed by Governor Rauner and did not contain language written by the Governor, though the general idea was taken from Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda. It would have enabled local governments to set up “employee empowerment zones” in which membership in a union or forced payment of union dues could not be a condition of employment.

Many house Republicans voted “Present” on the bill, which failed to get a single “Yes” vote. The vote tally was:

0- Yes

37- Present

72- No

Right to work laws are a tough sell in Illinois, where labor unions have a long history of political power.  Governor Rauner had sought to use leverage from budget negotiations to pass his reform agenda; the implicit promise being that he would consider new forms of revenue to offset budget cuts if Democrats supported some of his proposals.

Click here read more about right to work and whether it is good or bad for workers.

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Phil King

Phil King

I am an avid reader and believer in free markets and individual liberty. I have management experience in both government and on political campaigns. I am a critic of politicians on both sides of the aisle, many of whom are badly failing the American people.