Rand Paul Surges in Polling

Senator Rand Paul surged ahead of rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the most recent polling on the Republican Presidential Primary. Paul was the first choice of 5.6% of respondents, behind only Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Jeb Bush. Of the 4 candidates leading Senator Paul, only Jeb Bush has a realistic path to the nomination.

The organization which conducted the poll, Reuters, has previously been shown to be the most accurate pollster in the nation.

The news for Rand’s campaign comes on the heels of news that Rand Paul won the Michigan Straw Poll, the only actual voting that has taken place so far in the nomination. Despite Donald Trump’s erroneous predictions that Rand Paul will be dropping out soon, all signs seem to point to building momentum for Senator Paul.

Once considered the frontrunner, Paul had been dipping in the polls as reality TV star Donald Trump sucked the air out of the serious candidates amid 24/7 mainstream media coverage of his sideshow campaign. However, after a strong debate performance which many commentators said Rand Paul won, things appear to be looking up again for the Liberty loving anti-establishment Senator.

According to Paul’s campaign manager, Chip Englander:

“The Reuters poll tracks with our internal metrics that show Senator Paul moving up in the polls. His speech on the Senate floor yesterday on why Republicans should stand strong against continued wasteful spending has generated a huge reaction. Senator Paul is generating huge crowds everywhere he goes as he talks about his plan to eliminate $500 billion in one year, pass a flat tax, and term limits to get rid of the career politicians. This Reuters poll is just the latest in several metrics of the Senator’s strengths, like a couple weeks ago winning the largest republican straw poll in America.”

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Phil King

Phil King

I am an avid reader and believer in free markets and individual liberty. I have management experience in both government and on political campaigns. I am a critic of politicians on both sides of the aisle, many of whom are badly failing the American people.